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Ubuntu releases LiveCDs and LiveDVDs as the "Desktop" image. Desktop images of 12.04.4, 14.04.1, and 14.10 are currently supported. The info here is for the latest release, 14.10, which is only available as a LiveDVD. Ubuntu PowerPC downloads are available from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads.


The desktop takes long time

The desktop takes long time to load, but otherwise, it's good. (The speed might be because of my computer, not the CD.)

Trying to download the

Trying to download the software, but it is draging me some were else

Krov: Why not ask on Ubuntu

Krov: Why not ask on Ubuntu home forums? Give plenty of detail about your computer, version of distro, stage at which boot fails, etc., etc.

Excellent support forum and

Excellent support forum and plenty of documentation online. Every problem can be fixed, or worked around. It has such a large community that someone else has always dealt with the same issues you have dealt with.

no flash player and codecs in

no flash player and codecs in the liveCD version, that's why I gave only 4 stars. Excellent hardware recognition and driver support instead.

unable to log in after

unable to log in after upgrade, keyboard language changed

You can change your

You can change your keyboardlayout very simpel. When you need any help, use a forum in your language and you wil be helped ! Good luck Ron